We are a family run business based in East Sussex with more than one mission at heart.

We are a family run business set up by Director Darren Jones. Business partner Ben Nelson is an exceptional driver and very much the face of the company, running things on the floor, he’s the first point of contact when you require our services.

Behind the scenes Darren’s family are very much involved with the business, from admin to helping run social media, they support Darren in all he does.

Darren was injured in a motocross accident in 2012 and broke his neck and sustained a spinal cord injury leaving him tetraplegic. Although it’s a life changing injury it’s not changed the man. He’s had help along the way from family, friends and charity’s. But now believes it’s time to give back by donating to some of his favoured charity’s that have helped him.

We make a difference with every load by donating to Regain.

With every load we donate to Regain, a charity helping British sports tetraplegics lead independent and fulfilling lives.

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